Saman Rashid



Articles in journals

Rashid, S. & Olofsson, A. (2021). Worried in Sweden : The effects of terrorism abroad and news media at home on terror-related worry. Journal of Risk Research, vol. 24: 1, pp. 62-77.    

Olofsson, A. & Rashid, S. (2011). Social stratification, Living Conditions and the White Male Effect in Sweden. Sozialer Fortschritt, vol. 60: 3, pp. 63-68.  

Olofsson, A. & Rashid, S. (2011). The White (Male) Effect and Risk Perception: Can Equality Make a Difference?. Risk Analysis, vol. 31: 6, pp. 1016-1032.    

Celikaksoy, A. , Nekby, L. & Rashid, S. (2010). Assortative mating by ethnic background and education among individuals with an immigrant background in Sweden. Zeitschrift für familienforschung, vol. 22: 1, pp. 65-88.

Rashid, S. (2009). Internal Migration and Income of Immigrant Families. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, vol. 7: 2, pp. 180-200.  

Olofsson, A. , Öhman, S. & Rashid, S. (2006). Attitudes to Gene Technology : The Significance of Trust in Institutions. European Societies, vol. 8: 4, pp. 601-624.    

Chapters in books

Olofsson, A. & Rashid, S. (2009). Introduktion. In Risker i det moderna samhället : Samhällsvetenskapliga perspektiv. Lund : Studentlitteratur. pp. 13-37.

Rashid, S. (2006). Internmigration bland invandrade familjer - ett sätt att hitta rätt på arbetsmarknaden?. In Arbetslivets (o)synliga murar : rapport / av Utredningen om makt, integration och strukturell diskriminering. Stockholm : Fritzes (Statens offentliga utredningar).

Olofsson, A. , Rashid, S. & Öhman, S. (2003). The division of attitudes to GM food between the north and south of Europe.. In Integrating and Articulating Environments : A Challenge for Northern and Southern Europe.. Lisse : Swets & Zeitlinger. pp. 91-108.

Collections (editor)

Nordenmark, M. (ed.) & Rashid, S. (ed.) (2008). Arbete, hälsa och kön. Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet (Genusstudier vid Mittuniversitetet 2).  

Conference papers

Olofsson, A. & Rashid, S. (2009). The Impact of Job Insecurity on Risk Perceptions: The Case of Sweden. In Managing the Social Impacts of Change from a Risk Perspective : Beijing Normal University, Beijing, April 15-7, 2009.

Olofsson, A. & Rashid, S. (2008). Nativism in the Aftermath of Disaster: The Indian Ocean Tsunami in Swedish Media.. In Paper presented at the conference 'The End of Rationality?' The Challenge of New Risks and Uncertainties in the 21st Century. 'Sociology and Public Debate' Barcelona, September 5-9, 2008..

Olofsson, A. , Öhman, S. & Rashid, S. (2007). Differences in risk perception among groups in society and the impact of basic values and experiences of vulnerability : Paper presented at Risk & Rationalities, Queens' College, Cambridge, 29-31 March 2007.

Olofsson, A. & Rashid, S. (2007). The white male effect: From risk perception to economic prioritising : Building Bridges, SRA-Europe, The Hague, 17-19 June.

Olofsson, A. , Öhman, S. & Rashid, S. (2005). Views of risk in late modernity: Do people´s views of risk define our time? : Paper presented at ISA conference "Environment, knowldege & democracy", July 6-7, Marseille..

Olofsson, A. , Rashid, S. & Öhman, S. (2003). Attitudes to gene technology, the importance of institutional trust.

Doctoral theses

Rashid, S. (2004). Immigrants, income and family migration. Dis. Umeå : Univ, 2004 (Umeå economic studies : 625)

Licentiate theses, monographs

Rashid, S. (2002). Invandrarinkomster, förvärvsdeltagande och familj. Lic. Umeå : Univ., 2002 (Umeå economic studies : 588)


Rashid, S. (2005). Internal migration and income of immigrant families. Umeå : Umeå University, Dep. of Economics (Umeå Economic Studies 624).

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