Richard Ahlström


Articles in journals

Holmgren, R. , Nilsson Sundström, E. , Levinsson, H. & Ahlström, R. (2019). Coping and financial strain as predictors of mental illness in over-indebted individuals in Sweden. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, vol. 60: 1, pp. 50-58.    

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Chapters in books

Ahlström, R. (2011). Debt. In Encyclopedia of consumer culture. New York : Sage Publications.

Richard, A. (2011). Debt. In Encyclopedia of consumer culture. Los Angeles : Sage Publications.

Conference papers

Ahlström, R. (2007). The emotional impact of severe debts on the individual. In Proceedings of the Nordic Policy Research Conference 2007.


Weimer, K. , Richard, A. & Lisspers, J. (2018). Challenges in evaluating intervention effects of feedback on residential energy conservation in a field setting. Göteborg : Centre for Consumer Science School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg (CFK-rapport 2018:1).    

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