Göran Samuelsson

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


I have studied history at Stockholm University and is active at the Department of Information Systems and Technology (IST) in Sundsvall. Employed as a lecturer since 2004.

Area of interest

My main research focus is on information and preservation.  Which strategies should we have for bringing our information with us into the future?  Another important area in this process is the information architecture. How do we manage and structure our information over time from its creation to eternity? I have a background as an archive strategist from Lantmäteriet (National Land Survey of Sweden), which means that I am also particularly interested in geodata, and finally, I has also worked with analyzing and implementing tools for information management in a lab environment.


My ongoing research is done in collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration, where we study information management in connection with the role as an orderer. The Swedish Transport Administration is increasingly procuring its activities and it places increasing demands on the organization and its way of managing information. Another theme is the integration of information in the physical infrastructure (roadway, rail, vehicle etc). Since the fall of 2016 we have also started a project in connection with the regional fund - ISERV (Information and e-services) where I work with WP 4, which deals with how we handle information related to major infrastructure projects, roads, bridges, railways etc in connection with BIM. I am also involved in the international research project "InterPares Trust".

Teaching and tutoring

I teach in archive and information science at basic-, advanced- and research level (data and system science). I also supervises two PhD students.

Other information

Part of the research group under the heading "Forum for digitization" (FODI).


Articles in journals

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Articles, reviews/surveys

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Chapters in books

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Conference papers

Samuelsson, G. (2017). Preservation of Spatial Information. In The Future Of Information Sciences : Integrating Ict In Society. (THE FUTURE OF INFORMATION SCIENCES). pp. 105--114.    

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Doctoral theses

Samuelsson, G. (2004). I godsets skugga? : Frälsebonden på Ängsö : familj och arbete 1700-1880. Dis. Stockholm : Stads- och kommunhistoriska institutet, 2004 (Studier i stads- och kommunhistoria : 26)


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