Sofia Eriksson-Bergström

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

  • Professional title: Senior Lecturer
  • Academic title: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Department: Department of Education (UTV)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428224
  • Email:
  • Location: Sundsvall
  • Employee in the subject: Pedagogics


Articles in journals

Eriksson Bergström, S. (2021). Glitter, flashlights, and building pillows–about physical prerequisites for creativity. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, vol. 29: 2, pp. 278-292.    

Seikkula-Leino, J. , Jónsdóttir, S. R. , Håkansson Lindqvist, M. , Westerberg, M. & Eriksson Bergström, S. (2021). Responding to global challenges through education : Entrepreneurial, sustainable, and pro-environmental education in nordic teacher education curricula. Sustainability, vol. 13: 22    

Eriksson Bergström, S. (2005). Att rida stol : Vad erbjuder förskolans fysiska miljö?. Förskoletidningen, : 6, pp. 4-8.


Eriksson Bergström, S. (2017). Rum, barn och pedagoger : Om möjligheter och begränsningar för lek, kreativitet och förhandlingar.. Stockholm : Liber

Chapters in books

Mozelius, P. , Jaldemark, J. , Eriksson Bergström, S. & Sundgren, M. (2020). The Concept of ‘Bringing Your Own Device’ in Scaffolded and Augmented Education. In Augmented Reality in Education : A New Technology for Teaching and Learning. Springer (Springer Series on Cultural Computing). pp. 59-70.  

Mozelius, P. , Jaldemark, J. , Eriksson Bergström, S. & Sundgren, M. (2019). Augmented Education : Location-Based Games for Real-World Teaching and Learning Sessions. In Augmented Reality Games I. Springer (Augmented Reality Games). pp. 217-235.  

Jaldemark, J. , Eriksson Bergström, S. & Mozelius, P. (2019). Orchestrating learning as an emergent practice in the use of location-based games with mobile devices. In Emergent practices and material conditions in learning and teaching with technologies. Cham, Switzerland : Springer. pp. 163-180.  

Jaldemark, J. , Eriksson Bergström, S. , von Zeipel, H. & Westman, A. (2019). Wearable technologies as a research tool for studying learning : The application of spy glasses in data collection of children's learning. In Handbook of mobile teaching and learning. Springer.

Collections (editor)

Dahlström, H. (ed.) , Wilhelmsson, L. (ed.) & Eriksson Bergström, S. (ed.) (2021). Didaktiska reflektioner - reflektioner om didaktik : specialnummer. Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet (Utbildningsvetenskapliga studier 2021:1).  

Conference papers

Mozelius, P. , Eriksson Bergström, S. & Jaldemark, J. (2018). Location-based games as a key to unlock the classroom. In Proceedings of the the 12th European Conference on Games Based Learning, ECGBL 2018. Sophia Antipolis, France :  

Jaldemark, J. , Eriksson Bergström, S. & Mozelius, P. (2017). Applying mobile devices and game-based learning in formal educational settings : Playing Pokémon Go as a tool for learning in a Swedish elementary school. In Recent Trends in the Digitalization of the Nordic K-12 Schools. Umeå : . pp. 1--4.  

Mozelius, P. , Eriksson Bergström, S. & Jaldemark, J. (2017). Learning by Walking - Pokémon Go and Mobile Technology in Formal Education. In ICERI2017 Proceedings. Valencia, Spain : (ICERI Proceedings). pp. 1172--1179.    

Eriksson Bergström, S. & Jaldemark, J. (2017). Students’ expressions of learning on the move : Game-based learning and mobile devices in formal outdoor educational settings. In ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.. pp. 1--3.  

Eriksson Bergström, S. (2008). Agency, affordances and artefacts : Towards a theoretical perspective in preschool?.  

Eriksson Bergström, S. (2008). Prerequisites and constraints for children’s activities in preschool setting. Paper presented at the ECER 2008, From Teaching to Learning

Eriksson Bergström, S. (2007). The environment as prerequisites and constraints for children's learning.. Paper presented at the EARLI  

Eriksson Bergström, S. (2004). Konferenstext till Plats och Lärande Movium Rapport 1:2004.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Eriksson Bergström, S. (2013). Rum, barn och pedagoger : Möjligheter och begränsningar i förskolans fysiska miljö. Dis. Umeå universitet : Print & Media, 2013 (Akademiska avhandlingar vid Pedagogiska institutionen, Umeå universitet : 104)

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