Solene Prince

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

  • Professional title: Senior Lecturer
  • Academic title: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Other title: Affiliated researcher, ETOUR
  • Department: Department of Economics, Geography, Law and Tourism (EJT)
  • Telephone: 010-1428234
  • Email:
  • Visitor address: Kunskapens väg 4
  • Location: Östersund
  • Research centers: ETOUR
  • Employee in the subject: Tourism Studies

I am an affiliated researcher at ETOUR since 2019. I currently hold a post-doctoral research position at the Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship at Linnaeus University, Kalmar.


I obtained my doctoral degree in 2017 at Mid-Sweden University in tourism studies. My doctoral research led me to study craft-artists in Denmark and an eco-village in Iceland. My work touched upon subjects such as rural tourism and volunteer tourism and theories related to relational geography.

My previous degrees consist of a Master’s of Science in sustainable development from Uppsala University, Sweden and a Bachelor’s of Arts with a major in international relation and economics from Mount Allison University, Canada.

Area of interest

I have four areas of research within tourism geography:
- Art and community development
- Volunteer tourism and eco-living
- Landscape theory and local livelihoods
- Ancestral tourism

Teaching and tutoring

I am experienced teaching in courses at the master and bachelor levels related to tourism studies, destination development, research methods and human geography. I also have experience supervising students at the master's and bachelor levels.

Extra contact information


Articles in journals

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Articles, book reviews

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Chapters in books

Prince, S. , Petridou, E. & Ioannides, D. (2021). Art Worlds in the Periphery : Creativity and Networking in Rural Scandinavia. In Creative Tourism in Smaller Communities : Place, Culture, and Local Representation. Calgary : University of Calgary Press. pp. 259-282.    

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Conference papers

Wall-Reinius, S. , Prince, S. & Dahlberg, A. (2019). The Everyday in a Contested Landscape Making sense of conservation, tourism and local development in the mountains of Jämtland, Sweden. Paper presented at the The 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting in Trondheim, Norway, June 16–19, 2019

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Prince, S. (2017). Imagining Tourist Spaces as Living Spaces : Towards a Relational Approach to Alternatives and Morals in Tourism. Dis. (Comprehensive summary) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2017 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 268)  


Prince, S. & Chekalina, T. (2019). Besökarundersökning i Tivedens nationalpark sommaren 2018 : En studie av nationalparksbesökare i Tivedens nationalpark samt i det omkringliggande Tivedenområdet. Mid Sweden University (Rapportserien / European Tourism Research Institute 2019:1).