Stefan Dahlberg

Stefan Dahlberg


  • Professional title: Professor
  • Department: Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSV)
  • Telephone: +46101428198
  • Email:
  • Location: Östersund
  • Research centers: DEMICOM
  • Employee in the subject: Political Science


Articles in journals

Harteveld, E. , Kokkonen, A. , Linde, J. & Dahlberg, S. (2021). A tough trade-off? : The asymmetrical impact of populist radical right inclusion on satisfaction with democracy and government. European Political Science Review, vol. 13: 1, pp. 113-133.    

Dahlberg, S. , Axelsson, S. & Holmberg, S. (2020). Democracy in context : using a distributional semantic model to study differences in the usage of democracy across languages and countries. Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft, vol. 14, pp. 425-459.    

Harteveld, E. , Dahlberg, S. , Kokkonen, A. & van der Brug, W. (2019). Social Stigma and Support for the Populist Radical Right : An Experimental Study. Scandinavian Political Studies, vol. 42: 3-4, pp. 296-307.