Stefan Pettersson

Handläggare|Administrative Officer

  • Professional title: Administrative Officer
  • Department: Faculty of Science, Technology and Media (NMT)
  • Telephone: +46 (0)10-1428581
  • Email:
  • Visitor address: Holmgatan 10
  • Room number: J232
  • Location: Sundsvall


Articles in journals

Jennehag, U. , Zhang, T. & Pettersson, S. (2007). Improving transmission efficiency in H.264 based IPTV systems. IEEE transactions on broadcasting, vol. 53: 1, pp. 69-78.  

Chapters in books

Kanter, T. , Forsström, S. , Kardeby, V. , Walters, J. , Österberg, P. & Pettersson, S. (2010). Ubiquitous Mobile Awareness from Sensor Networks. In Enabling Context-Aware Web Services : Methods, Architectures, and Technologies. CRC Press. pp. 449-468.  

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Conference papers

Kanter, T. , Pettersson, S. , Forsström, S. , Kardeby, V. , Norling, R. , Walters, J. & Österberg, P. (2009). Distributed Context Support for Ubiquitous Mobile Awareness Services. In 2009 Fourth International ICST Conference on Communications and Networking in China. ChinaCom'09... pp. 869--873.  

Kanter, T. , Österberg, P. , Walters, J. , Kardeby, V. , Forsström, S. & Pettersson, S. (2009). The MediaSense Framework. In Proceedings - 2009 4th International Conference on Digital Telecommunications, ICDT 2009. New York : . pp. 144--147.  

Kanter, T. , Pettersson, S. , Forsström, S. , Kardeby, V. & Österberg, P. (2009). Ubiquitous Mobile Awareness from Sensor Networks. In Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering Volume 12.. pp. 147--150.

Wang, Q. , Zhang, T. & Pettersson, S. (2008). An effort to understand the optimal routing performance in wireless sensor network. In Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications : AINA2008, Ginowan City , Okinawa, Japan. 25-28 March 2008.. pp. 279--286.  

Jennehag, U. & Pettersson, S. (2008). On Synchronization Frames for Channel Switching in a GOP-based IPTV Environment. In 2008 5TH IEEE CONSUMER COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING CONFERENCE, VOLS 1-3. New York : . pp. 638--642.  

Reiman, U. , Zhang, T. & Pettersson, S. (2007). A secure multicast downstream authentication protocol in sensor network.

Wang, Q. , Zhang, T. & Pettersson, S. (2007). Bounding the Information Collection performance of Wireless Sensor Network Routing. In CNSR 2007: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research. Washing, DC. USA : . pp. 55--62.  

Pettersson, S. (2007). Efficient Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks with Power Control.

Pettersson, S. (2002). Capacity Comparisons of Wireless Indoor Networks with Non-uniform User Distribution. In Proceedings - 2001 International Conference on Third Generation Wireless and Beyond (Key Function of World Wireless Congress), May 28-31 2002, San Francisco, CA, United States.. pp. 255--258.

Pettersson, S. (2000). Sectoring of a Locally Centralized Communication System in an Indoor Environment. In 2000 IEEE 51st Vehicular technology conference proceedings, 2000. VTC 2000 spring Tokyo : vol. 3.. pp. 2384--2388.  

Pettersson, S. (1999). A Comparison of Radio Resource Management Strategies in Bunched Systems for Indoor Communication. In 1999 IEEE 49th Vehicular Technology Conference : vol 1.. pp. 402--406.  

Berg, M. , Pettersson, S. & Zander, J. (1998). A Radio Resource Management Concept for "Bunched" Personal Communication Systems : FRAMES Long Term Research Workshop.

Berg, M. , Pettersson, S. & Zander, J. (1997). A Radio Resource Management Concept for "Bunched" Personal Communication Systems. In Proceedings of MMT'97 Multiaccess, Mobility and Teletraffic for Personal Communication, Dec. 1997 , Melbourne, Vic., Australia.. pp. 259--271.

Traynard, J. , Wiesen, M. , Pettersson, S. , Lagrange, X. , Salonaho, O. , Rinne, M. , Ahamavaara, K. & Persson, M. (1997). Radio Resource Management Algorithms and Integrations with RLC/MAC Protocols for FRAMES Multiple Access Scheme : ACTS Mobile Communications Summit 1997.

Pettersson, S. (1997). The Bunch Concept. In Workshop, KTH, 29 August 1997.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Pettersson, S. (2004). Radio Resource Management for Wireless Indoor Communication Systems : Performance and Implementation Aspects. Dis. Stockholm : Kungl. Tekniska högskolan, 2004 (Trita-S3-RST : 0402)

Licentiate theses, monographs

Pettersson, S. (2000). Performance and Implementation Aspects of Wireless Indoor Communication Systems with Local Centralization. Lic. Stockholm : Tekn. Högsk., 2000 (Trita-S3-RST : 0004)

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