Supaporn Voraroon


  • Professional title: Doktorand
  • Department: Department of Health Sciences (HOV)
  • Email:
  • Location: Sundsvall


Articles in journals

Voraroon, S. , Hellzén, O. , Enmarker, I. , Meebunmak, Y. & Devik, S. A. (2019). The impact of shareholding networks for facilitating care in rural Thailand. Geriatric Nursing, vol. 40: 4, pp. 392-398.    

Voraroon, S. , Hellzén, O. , Meebunmak, Y. & Enmarker, I. (2017). Older People’s Lived Experiences with Participation in Shareholding Networks for the Care of Older People in Rural Areas of Thailand : A Phenomenological Hermeneutic Study. Open Journal of Nursing, vol. 7: 7, pp. 875-892.    

Voraroon, S. , Meebunmak, Y. , Enmarker, I. & Hellzén, O. (2017). Shareholding Networks for Care in Rural Thailand : Experiences of Older Persons and Their Family Members. Open Journal of Nursing, vol. 07: 02