ROSE Invitation

Save favourite 2 Jan January 2017

Invitation to participate in a new round of The ROSE-Project

ROSE, The Relevance of Science Education, is an international comparative project meant to shed light on affective factors of importance to the learning of science and technology (S&T).  Data from the previous ROSE study are over 10 years old and we are now planning for a renewed study. It will be interesting to get comparable data that can show whether there are changes in young peoples' attitudes, perceptions, interests and motivation towards S&T. There are many ways that the ROSE project can be updated and revised, based on long and rich experiences.  If you are interested send us a letter (for example a pdf-file) where you indicate such an interest. Such a letter does not imply any form of duties or formal commitments, but will greatly enhance our possibility to raise money for the project! Alternatively, just send a confirmation by replying to this email back to
who will be international coordinators.
(Prof.Svein Sjøberg, organizer of the first ROSE study, is joining as an advisor)