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The equal value of all people is an evident cornerstone for all activities at Mid Sweden University.

The equal value of all people is an evident cornerstone for all activities at Mid Sweden University[EC1] . Employees and students should all be treated with respect, dignity, and with consideration for differences in order to bolster each individual's potential to work or study, and to improve the work carried out at Mid Sweden University.

Accessibility issues are therefore an important aspect of our efforts to create a more inclusive institution for employees and students alike. The Discrimination Act establishes that poor accessibility is a form of discrimination. Poor accessibility is when an impaired individual is disadvantaged because an organisation fails to take necessary accessibility measures in order for the person to be able to have a comparable situation to those without the impairment.

Accessibility in our premises

Mid Sweden University aims to be accessible to all, and that involves continuous efforts towards adapting our premises so that individuals with impairments should be able to participate on equal terms. Our premises are, for the most part, older buildings that have been adapted for our activities and can therefore sometimes be lacking in accessibility. Students or employees who are dependent on premises with special features are welcome to contact Bengt Lehman, Campusservice.  

Further information

Disabled parking can be found on the Campus Maps
Hearing aids can be borrowed from the Service Centre
For premises equipped with a hearing-aid loop, contact Schedules and course specifications


FUNKA – accessibility consultants
The Swedish Agency for Participation