From master suppression techniques to confirmation techniques

Chalmers University of Technology has developed study material that deals with master suppression techniques, counter-strategies and confirmation techniques. It includes a number of short videos that depict various master suppression techniques, and questions-and-discussion material for review. The Equal Opportunities Representative is there to offer support on how to use the material.

Link to the study material produced by Chalmers University of Technology 

Password: beritas


Introduction to equal opportunities for supervisors

It is important for supervisors to know what the Discrimination Act means, such as the obligations we as employers have with regards to taking action against and preventing discrimination, harassment or other forms of insulting behaviour, as well as promoting equal opportunities. 

The Equality Ombudsman (DO): 'E-learning for university'

This digital training course aims to teach what is involved in the institutions' efforts to promote equal rights and opportunities for all students. The DO has produced this e-training course, which is intended to support universities in developing their work to promote equal rights and opportunities. It can also provide a good basic understanding of the Discrimination Act.

Link to the training course. (in Swedish).