Mid Sweden University wishes to promote physical, mental and social well-being. One of the ways it does this is through fitness contributions and a fitness hour.

Fitness contribution

A fitness contribution is offered to all employees, including short-term, part time and substitute employees. This also applies to those who are on parental leave or on sick leave.

Mid Sweden University follows recommendations from the Swedish Tax Agency with regards to tax-free fitness activities and forms of exercise. Check with the Swedish Tax Agency (in Swedish) to see which activities Mid Sweden University is able to offer.

Essentially, most exercise and fitness activities are considered tax-free employee welfare benefits if they are of a simple nature and of a low cost value. In order for a benefit that consists of only a single treatment or activity to be considered simple in nature and of low value, the cost may not exceed 1,000 SEK per occasion or activity.

How to receive the fitness contribution:

  • Go to Primula, which can be found in the Verktyg ('Tools') menu
  • In Primula, select Ersättningar/Arvoden ('Remuneration/Fees') in the menu to the left
  • Select the form called 'Friskvård MIUN' ('Fitness programme, MIUN')
  • Fill in your details
  • You will be asked about coding. The code that applies to you can be found in your accounting plan (in Swedish).
  • If you have a physical receipt: Print the expenses form, and send it together with the receipt to the HR department 
  • If you have a digital receipt: Attach the digital receipt straight into the expense page under Medd/bil ('Notes/attachments').
  • Receipts must always show: the vendor's name, the activity, your name, the amount paid, specified VAT, date, and period of validity. Annual passes etc. that are paid in instalments via direct debit are reimbursed later, when it can be shown that payment has been made (e.g. bank statements). When reimbursement is made for the first time, a copy of the agreement must be attached.
  • Click skicka ('Send')

In order to ensure that you will receive your reimbursement together with your next salary payment, the form and receipts need to be sent to the HR department no later than the 5th of the month.

Fitness hour

Full-time employees are entitled to 60 minutes of fitness activities each week. The fitness hour is proportionate to how much you work. If you work 50% of full time, you will receive 30 minutes of fitness activities per week.

The activity may be divided into shorter sessions, such as thee sessions of 20 minutes each, or two sessions, each 30 minutes long. Check with your supervisor about how you plan on using your fitness hour.