Occupational health services

The current framework agreement for government occupational health services is clearly focused on promoting good health and taking preventative measures.

Our efforts to improve health and safety at work are aimed at several different areas: promoting good health and job satisfaction, preventing sickness and injuries, and facilitating rehabilitation for those who have become sick. Our agreements mean that the customer must pay for each time they make use of occupational health services. 

In order to guarantee that our employees are treated equally, regardless of the place of employment, we have come to an agreement with our new suppliers regarding the following procedures for individuals contacting occupational health services:

  1. The employee calls their occupational health service and is given advice over the telephone. The question then arises as to whether the employee's health complaint should be handled by a district health care centre rather than occupational health services.
  2. If it is concluded that a visit to one of the occupational health services would pre preferable, the individual's immediate supervisor should complete a requisition.  
  3. Cancellation for such a visit must be done no later than 24 hours before the booked time.

The requisition is available here (in swedish).

Occupational health services, Sundsvall

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Occupational health services, Östersund

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