Information for staff regarding the corona virus


Regional recommendations on campus Sundsvall

The regional government in Västernorrland, Region Västernorrland, has issued new recommendations due to the increased risk of spread of virus. The new recommendations mean that students and employees are recommended to wear a mask when visiting crowded areas on campus Sundsvall.


Corona-adapted education on campus this fall

This fall the education on campus is planned to resume - but a corona-adapted one. It was decided at the vice-chancellor’s decision meeting today. So far, the decision only applies to the first semester of the fall term.


No extra ”corona exam”

During the month of January, Mid Sweden University offered an extra opportunity for the written exam due to the pandemic. This offer has now expired.


New decision due to the recent coronavirus developments

During 2020, Mid Sweden University has made a number of decisions because of the development of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the increased spread of the virus and the stricter guidelines in Sweden, Mid Sweden University has decided on new measures.


If employees or students are infected with covid-19

We recommend employees to notify their immediate manager if they have tested positive for covid-19. Mid Sweden University has a dialogue with an infection control specialist about contact tracing and necessary measures if the virus should spread within groups at the university.


Adjustments this fall due to corona

Many adjustments are made at Mid Sweden University this fall to enable our business to be conducted in the best possible way without unnecessary risks due to the corona virus.


Continue to work remotely in the autumn

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that we continue to work remotely during the autumn, among other things to relive public transportation.


Comprehensive preparations on campus for the fall

In order for Mid Sweden University to conduct a safe corona adapted campus education during the fall, comprehensive preparations on campus are underway and will be finished at the start of the semester.