Cooperation with trade unions

Mid Sweden University has signed a local agreement for cooperation with the Union of Civil Servants (ST) and the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Saco).

The agreement regulates the way in which all important changes concerning the relationship between employer and employee should be handled.

The aim of this agreement is to develop the organisation by improving the ability for everyone to be committed and take responsibility. The agreement regulates how participation in planning, management and reviewing the activities should be handled.

Issues covered by the agreement include, for example, work environment and safety, gender equality, equal treatment, skills supply, finances and operational planning.

Liaison groups

In order to facilitate cooperation, there is a central liaison group (central samverkansgrupp – CSG)  that addresses the university's common issues. There are also local liaison groups (lokala samverkansgrupper – LSG) at the faculty's departments and offices, and within administration and the libraries.

The cooperation agreement means that:

  • Each union is entitled to have a representative belonging to the department in the LSG (applicable within the faculties)
  • Time for local union work is set at 65 hours/year
  • Time for assignments such as being the local health and safety representative is set at 65 hours/year.