Salary adjustments for certain staff

In order to encourage high quality work, Mid Sweden University rewards degrees in post-graduate studies, educational qualifications and appointments to associate professor.

High-quality education and research are important prerequisites for Mid Sweden University to be able to continue its favourable progress, and these are best guaranteed through continually training employees. 

When assessing the right of universities to provide educational courses, a key factor is the proficiency level of the staff measured in the number of doctoral and associate-professor-level teachers. The availability of doctoral and/or associate-professor-level teachers/researchers is also crucial to the development of research activities at the university.

Mid Sweden University rewards degrees in post-graduate studies and the achievement of associate professorship as shown below:

  • Obtaining a licentiate degree raises the salary by 900 SEK (permanently employed adjunct instructor)
  • Gaining a doctorate raises the salary by 2,000 SEK (permanently employed adjunct instructor)
  • Being appointed as Qualified Teacher raises the salary by 1,250 SEK
  • Being appointed as Excellent Teacher raises the salary by 1,250 SEK
  • Being appointed as an associate professor raises the salary by 2,500 SEK

When a licentiate degree or doctorate has been obtained, or a person has been appointed as an associate professor, the documents (diploma or equivalent) are sent to the Division of HR by the employee. The salary increase applies from the month following the degree/appointment being obtained/made. The raise cannot be retroactively applied for more than three months.

When a person receives educational qualifications, the faculty board sends the appointment decision to the HR-department.