If you are not a Swedish or Norwegian citizen, a residence permit is needed. Non-EU citizens can apply for a residence permit from the Swedish embassy or consulate in their country of origin.

Residence permit for doctoral students

Those who would like to study in Sweden at the postgraduate level for longer than three months can apply for a residence permit for higher education. The permit must be ready before the person can travel to Sweden. 

Checklist and examples of student certificates for postgraduate studies (Swedish).

Checklist and examples of student certificates for postgraduate studies (English).

Right of residence for EU citizens

EU citizens are entitled to work, study and live in Sweden without a residence permit. This is called right of residence. A person can have right of residence is they are employed, self-employed, studying or have sufficient resources to support themselves. In this case, the Swedish Migration Board is not contacted. Work and education can begin immediately after arrival in Sweden. 

Family members of an EU citizen who has right of residence as shown above also have right of residence. The EU citizen who is relocating must show their passport or national ID card. Family members must be able to prove their family relationship. Further details about residence permits and right of residence can be found on the Swedish Migration Board's website, www.migrationsverket.se.


To register a move to Sweden, visit the Swedish Tax Agency in person. Bring your passport with you, along with documents that prove your marital status, birth certificates for any children who are moving with you and your residence permit.