In order to facilitate recruitment of staff from abroad, a relocation service can be purchased through Alfa Quality Moving AB, a relocation company contracted by Mid Sweden University.

Recruiting staff from a country other than Sweden can be both complicated and time consuming for the individual employee as well as for us as employers. Mid Sweden University has therefore procured relocation services from Alfa Quality Moving AB. Relocation is a collective term for many different services that are connected with recruiting and moving people from one country to another. See below for more information about relocation and to see what assistance is available.


The Previsit service is used when the relocating candidate is not yet contracted (with a few exceptions); that is, the person has not yet decided on accepting a possible employment opportunity in Sweden. 

The purpose of Previsit is to give the candidate (including any family members they may have) a good idea of what it is like to live in Sweden and what could be involved in being employed here.

The candidate can be given information as follows:

  • Information about accommodation/the housing market
  • Regional/local orientation
  • Information about taxes, social security, and the pension system
  • Financial information and cost-of-living calculations
  • Information about immigration

Before and on arrival

If you purchase this service, the candidate who is moving has made their decision and chosen to accept employment. All employment decisions have been made, and the candidate has received confirmation that they can leave their home country to move here.

The candidate can then be given assistance with:

  • Finding housing
  • Immigration services
  • Information about and assistance with insurance outside the workplace
  • Expert advice
  • Taxation
  • Pensions
  • Social services and belonging to a social services system
  • Practical help and support – contact with authorities/banks
    the healthcare system and registration
  • Handling school/preschool/day nursery   
  • Local orientation, means of communication and language support

If you would like to use these services when recruiting, or would like to know more about the system and prices, please contact your HR specialist.