Open access means that scientific results are made freely available on the internet. It is mainly scientific articles, theses and reports, but also books and research data. Some funders require free publication of research results they funded.

Two common approaches to publishing Open Access


1. Publishing in an Open Access journal

To publish an article in a journal that applies Open Access is sometimes referred to as the "golden path" to Open Access. Publishing in an OA- journal often means that the cost of the item is moved from the reader who won't have to pay the subscription fee to the author who shall pay a publishing fee.

Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ) lists quality-controlled Open Access journals.

2. Parallel publishing

To parallel publish an article is also known as the "green route" to Open Access. This means that in addition to publishing your article in a traditional publishing magazine even upload a version of the article in a freely accessible archive on the Internet.

Publishers have different policies regarding how their parallel publishing procedure of their articles may go to and it is important to find out what applies in the particular case. This can be done in the database SHERPA/RoMEO.

Instructions for parallel publishing in DIVA

  • Check what applies to your journal in SHERPA/RoMEO or through contact with the Publisher.

  • Log in on DIVA and fill all the data about the article in the form`s first step.

  • In the next step you can upload your file. Take the right version (submitted, accepted or published), scroll to the right PDF-file on your computer and upload it.

  • The final publication is done by a DIVA-administrator at the library. In conjunction with the release, a cover sheet with your PDF reference and link to the original publication