To keep in mind when publishing.

Please take the following into consideration prior to publishing

  • Select journals that are indexed in Web of Science or Scopus

  • If possible, select journals with a high impact factor in Web of Science (Scopus and Google Scholar have similar factors)

  • Check if the journal is part of the Norwegian List

  • If the journal is not indexed in one of the larger citation databases, see what other databases that index the journal

  • Keep in mind that Open Access often results in additional readers which can lead to further citations

  • Check OA journals using the DOAJ site and avoid predatory publishers

  • Check SHERPA/RoMEO to ensure that you are allowed to parallel publish your publication. If possible, parallel publish your publication in DiVA in addition to uploading it to your research networks

  • Co-publishing with researchers from other countries and academies is generally considered beneficial and can occasionally result in more cited articles


How to increase the visibility of your publications

  • Write your name in a consistent way 

  • Register for an AuthorID 

  • Affiliation: always use Mid Sweden University as the name of the university, and use the correct address when you publish.

  • Be mindful when writing titles and abstracts. Use keywords that are characteristic for the chosen subject.

  • Register all of your publications in DiVA and parallel publish everything you are allowed to upload.

  • Be visible with your publications and your profile in many different forums such as Research Gate, and Google Scholar, as well as on social media websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram).


  •  This practice ensures that your publications are counted correctly in bibliometric analyses.

  • The possibility of publications being found, read, used and cited is increased when you maximize their visibility.

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