Mid Sweden University theses are published both in printed and digital form.


The Mid Sweden University theses are published in accordance with the Vice-Chancellor´s decision Dnr BIB 2004/13 in two series – one for Doctoral theses and one for Licentiate theses. According to the same ruling the theses should also be made available in digital form.  

Theses should be written using the thesis template provided in Word. The templates are directly available if you use PC. If you use Mac, you need to download the templates. More information (only in Swedish). 

Publishing of theses

Mid Sweden University theses are published both in printed and digital form. The printing is usually done by the Mid Sweden University printing service, the digital publishing is done through DiVA.


The registration of the thesis in DiVA is called electronic "spikning" (see Vice-Chancellor´s decision No. 2008/560). The electronic "spikning" is compulsory. The library can also arrange a physical "spikning" ceremony, contact the library if you want to make an appointment for this.


Your thesis should be assigned ISBN and ISSN and a number in the Doctoral or Licentiate thesis series. Use our form to order an ISBN.


Contact the Mid Sweden University Printing Office in advance to make an appointment for printing, contact Christina Olsson. The Print Office provides for the legal deposit of 7 copies and distributes 4 copies to the Mid Sweden University Library. Other distribution is managed by the author.

Publish digitally in DiVA

Save your thesis as one PDF-file to upload in DiVA. For copyright reasons the file should only contain the summarizing chapter ("kappan") for compilation theses, the papers are registered separately and linked to the thesis in the compilation thesis registration form.

Request ISBN

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