An upgraded version of the research database is planned to launch on Thursday 31/8. Your login information is the same as for your MIUN-account.



Due to the fact that the provider of the research database have decided to stop supporting our current version, a project was started during the spring semester of 2016 with the aim of upgrading the database to the latest version. The upgrade is expected to fix some longstanding and increasing operation difficulties with the database, and will safeguard continued operation in the future.

Upgraded version

The launch of the new version of the research database is planned to take place on Thursday 31/8. The old database will then be replaced, with all the information kept and transferred. This will also mean a new user interface, but the general procedure for working in the database is still unchanged. In the new system, users will be doing the same things but in partially new ways.

During the launch day, access to the system may be limited.

Courses and manuals

Before the launch of the new system, courses have been offered on the 23rd and 24th of August. Additional courses will be offered in the future, before the work with the individual study plans intensifies for the autumn. Further information about these courses will be made available at a later date.

User manuals for the new version will be published on the webpage of the research database in the staff portal, see the link below.

More information

Current information regarding the research database can always be found at the webpage of the database.