Reminder! The Research Database closes for editing on 1 July

Tue 04 Jun 2024 14:00

On July 1, we will close our research database Converis and in the fall we will instead work with Individual Study Plans (ISP) in Ladok.

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Converis will close for editing on July 1, but it will still be possible to read information in the system. In mid-September we open for ISP in Ladok. During the period from July 1 to mid-September it will not be possible to edit individual study plans.

We will start up an ISP in Ladok for all active PhD students and transfer all information from the ISP in Converis to Ladok. In connection with our start in Ladok in the autumn, we will also hold training courses for both doctoral students, tutors, and examiners.

The system change will mean a big change in how we work with ISP at Mid Sweden University, and we need to take that into account when it comes to quality work during the first year.

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