The images in the image bank may be used in products that have Mid Sweden University as sender.

The images may not be sold/reported to others. One reason for this is that the images are an important part of our own profiling, and we have thus only paid the photographers for this right of use. Another important reason is that the agreements/consent for publication that we have with those included in the images only applies to Mid Sweden University’s use.

The images located in the archive Press images are, however, completely freed and intended to be used by media, collaborators and others who need pictures from Mid Sweden University.

If you want to use images for advertising or in other similar contexts where an image is very clearly linked to a specific business, where one or two people are in focus and the image will get very high exposure – contact Anna Ossung for discussion. In some cases, the persons in the picture may need to give increased approval for this use.

NB! Do not save images on your computer or department server etc. for later use. At each publication/republishing of material, you are responsible for downloading images/checking that the images you selected are still here in the Image bank. This is important as the people who appear in the images at any time have the right to withdraw their consent according to GDPR and we can no longer use the images.

When publishing, the photographer’s name must be stated. When it comes to online publishing, it is enough to write the photographer’s name in the alt tag.

Image bank Photographers: Casper Hedberg, Tina Stafrén, Sandra Pettersson, Torbjörn Bergkvist and Olle Melkerhed. Information about the photographer is provided at each picture.
Press photos, Photographers: Torbjörn Bergkvist, Tina Stafrén, Olle Melkerhed and Sandra Pettersson. Information about the photographer is provided next to each picture.