Soon, your new SIM card will arrive

If you have a Mid Sweden University business mobile, you will receive a new SIM card and a letter (sent to your home address or to the address you have entered) from Tele2 during 15–23 October. Please keep this letter until the day we change telephony providers on 29 October.

When Mid Sweden University changes telephony providers, on the 29 October, all employees who have a business mobile must exchange the SIM card of the mobile; otherwise the mobile will stop working. Our agreement with Telia ends on 28 October, and until then you must use your current SIM card. If you replace the SIM card before that date, your mobile will not work.

If your SIM card does not arrive

Please contact Peter Eriksson or Elisabeth Gradin as soon as possible if you have not received a new SIM card by 23 October.


Exchange the SIM card of your mobile on 29 October. More details about how to change the SIM card as well as general information about the transition will be published here, at on 21 October.