Miun Box will be phased out and replaced by OneDrive

From 1 December you can not create new accounts in Miun Box, and before 28 Feb 2021 you need to have taken care of the files and documents you have in Miun Box.

Box is a non-European, cloud-based storage service. It is not permitted to store classified data in the Miun Box service, which corresponds to the regulations regarding OneDrive. Data should therefore be able to be moved 1: 1. INFRA offers (via helpdesk) some support and advice for those who need to store documents that do not meet the GDPR requirements.

Mid Sweden University will make a large annual saving by closing down Miun Box. The most important reason why Miun Box is discontinued, however, is that the service does not meet certain security requirements regarding the service being located outside Europe. A decision has therefore been made to phase out Miun Box (Reg.no. MIUN 2020/2076).


OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service included with Office 365. OneDrive will be available to all students and employees at Mid Sweden University and has the same function as Box. The storage space is large in OneDrive and can be expanded if needed.

Here is more information about Office 365 including OneDrive.


The decommissioning project began in October and will be implemented over a period of six months. The work is based on the following points of departure:

  • 2020-12-01 You can no longer create new accounts in Miun Box with your Miun ID.
  • 2021-02-28 Files and documents need to be moved from your Miun Box account.
  • 2021-03-15 The remaining empty accounts must be closed and materials belonging to people who for various reasons have not been able to make this move themselves will be taken care of.
  • 2021-03-31 The agreement with Box expires. All files must be moved to approved storage options and all accounts must be closed.



If you have files and documents in Miun Box you need to take care of them before February 28, 2021, most preferably by moving what you should keep to OneDrive and delete what you should not keep. Even if you who have a Miun Box account that you no longer actively use, you need to log in and take care of what you have there.

How to reach Miun Box:

  • Go to miun.box.com.
  • Click Continue (Fortsätt).
  • Choose MIUN - Mid Sweden University.
  • Log in with your staff account.


If you have questions about the points of departure or want to discuss how you can solve any problems that arise due to this, you are welcome to contact the Helpdesk.