New doctoral student network with a focus on gender research

Fri 20 Nov 11:22

Within the Forum for Gender Studies (FGV), there is now network for doctoral students with an interest in gender issues.

Studiesituation, C-huset Sundsvall

The purpose of the network is to create a meeting place where doctoral students can discuss the role of gender perspective and feminist research in their own research. The network is open to all doctoral students at Mid Sweden University with an interest in gender research, regardless of previous knowledge and regardless of whether they currently use a gender perspective or feminist perspective in their research. The basic idea of ​​the network is to have text seminars discussing our own or others' texts, but there will certainly also be other activities based on everyone's wishes and needs.

Are you a doctoral student at Mid Sweden University and want to join the network? It is an open community where you get involved based on your own interest. If you are interested, send an email to and you will be added to the group in Teams, where you will receive information about upcoming activities.