Sharpened restrictions due to the increased spread of the coronavirus

Tue 17 Nov 2020 14:59

Due to the increased spread of the coronavirus, Region Västernorrland decided to sharpen the local restrictions yesterday. In addition, the Government announced that further restrictions are being discussed.

During this week, Mid Sweden University will prepare a decision that will be taken by the Vice-Chancellor on 24 November. Among other things, this decision will comprise guidelines for written examinations and to what extent the course format should be changed from on-campus to digital solutions.

Until the decision has been taken, we would like to emphasize the importance of following the regional and national guidelines – and this goes for every single employee and student.  

This means, without exception, that:
Everyone at Mid Sweden University’s campuses, both employees and students, should follow the Public Health Agency’s guidelines and general advice. Should you have symptoms of a cold or an infection – even mild symptoms – you must stay at home, in accordance with the Public Health Agency’s guidelines.  
When you are on campus, you must keep your distance from others! Employees who have tasks that cannot be completed from home are encouraged to spread out in the working place as much as possible, taking into consideration that key functions must not sit together.

For employees, this means that:
all employees should work from home if possible, and after consultation with the immediate supervisor
we should be very restrictive in terms of business travel - even between campuses - and digital options should always be the first and preferred choice
meetings, conferences, seminars, visits and similar are to be carried out digitally, postponed or cancelled  
if possible, change the course format from on-campus to digital solutions now  

For students, this means that:
campus is open, but do not come to campus unless you must! Stay at home if you have the slightest sign of a cold or an infection – unconditionally, and even if the symptoms are mild!
You must stay informed of the guidelines for your specific programme or course. Your teacher may change on-campus teaching to digital options with short notice.
All of these restrictions, including the upcoming decision on 24 November, are valid for the entire university and both campuses, regardless of whether or not there are different local guidelines for the two regions.

The page was updated 11/17/2020