The University Library closes and additional date for written examination

Mon 21 Dec 2020 14:16

Last Friday, the Swedish Government decided on stricter restrictions due to the rise in community transmission of the coronavirus in Sweden. This requires new measures.

Biblioteket Sundsvall interiör

In addition to the decision Mid Sweden University made last week (you can find the decision here), the following applies as of now: 

  • The University Library will be temporarily closed for visits from December 22th to January 10th. You will still be able to reserve books and have them sent home, and the Library staff is available via chat, email and phone for questions and guidance. More information can be found here:
  • Students who have a written examination in January: There will be an additional examination date, later on, for students who choose not to travel to the campuses to take the exams in January. We will get back to you with more information about that additional examination date. However, this is not an opportunity to resit the exam. If you fail, you will have an opportunity to resit the exam later on. Please note that students have to investigate any possible consequences on student finance/loans themselves, if they choose to take the written examination on the additional date.  
  • Staff members: If you have the possibility to work from home, do so. If you need to work on campus, you may do so, in consultation with your immediate superior.  

The page was updated 12/21/2020