All staff members and students: Office 365 will replace Google

In January 2021, Google, as a service provider for student accounts, will be replaced by to Office 365. This change will also affect staff members who currently use Google’s services. Teachers using Google’s services for teaching today need to start using O365 instead.

This change means, among other things, that you have the opportunity to use Teams as a platform for collaboration and communication, not only with staff members, but also with your students. It will be possible to use group lists for specific courses to give students rights, access to a team or a channel in Teams, or to use the list as a mailing list in Outlook.

During this semester, some of our study programmes are testing Teams. Their experiences and advice to others will be presented in a staff news article in the beginning of 2021.


Conditions and timeline

  • On 12 January, all inactive Google accounts will be closed, i.e. all accounts  that do not belong to a registered and active student according to Ladok. This means that any student account that is currently used by a teacher/ staff member will also be closed.

  • During a transition period, from 12 January to 31 March 2021, all remaining active Google accounts will be available to give the user the opportunity to transfer and forward any data they would like to keep.
  • On 19 January, all current students at Mid Sweden University will get an O365 license linked to their student account. The newly admitted students of the spring semester 2021 will have their accounts directly linked to O365.

  • In the planning and preparation of the spring semester, all staff members/ teachers need to consider the condition that the Google services will be replaced by O365. This is also the case for the students.

Microsoft movie - move files from Drive to OneDrive

Information for students

A news article has been published on the Student web, and it is the second one about the Google - O365 change. New web pages about O365 and about Teams have been created on the Student web and the rules for using O365 have been added to the contingency liabilities for the use of the network and other resources. On the day of the change to O365, on 19 January, an e-mail will be sent to all students.

Teachers: You are more than welcome to share this information with your students!

The latest news aimed at students: Your student account will be transferred on 19 January


Background information

Earlier this year, Mid Sweden University decided on a strategic direction for web based office support, data storage and collaboration software. This means that Office 365 shall be the main communication, collaboration and meeting platform at the university. One of the consequences is that Mid Sweden University will stop using Google as the service provider of student accounts and the services available via Google Workspace (Google Apps).



Should you have any questions regarding this change, please contact one of the project managers, Bo Zetterlund or Eva Rodin Svantesson.

Problems during the transition period? Please contact IT Helpdesk.