During the upgrade of Miun Play (Kaltura) this weekend the screen recording tool has been replaced. The former tool Kaltura Capture Space is now replaced with Kaltura Capture.

Kaltura Capture Space is no longer working in Mid Sweden University’s system environment. All the screen recordings in play.miun.se and in Moodle must be done by using Kaltura Capture. If you already have been using the old tool Kaltura Capture Space, you need to uninstall it and install the new tool Kaltura Capture. If you haven’t yet used a screen recording tool in play.miun.se or in Moodle, just follow the guide that is shown when you choose Kaltura Capture. For information, please watch this video:https://play.miun.se/media/Kaltura+Capture+Inspelning+av+sk%C3%A4rm/0_ce5d8cyl


More information for teachers