Access to Library e-resources off-campus

Now that most of our students and staff are doing their studies and work from home, we would like to remind everyone of how access to our digital resources works off campus and provide some general tips for access problems.

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List of databases
All digital resources are listed on a page on the library's web. When you click on a link in the database list, you are automatically redirected through the Mid Sweden University login page where you log in as usual. After logging in, you are redirected to the resource you clicked on and then have access to everything that our subscription covers in that resource.

Anyone can search Primo from any computer, whether on campus or not. It is only when you click on a full text resource in the hit list that you must be affiliated with Mid Sweden University. When you click on the link to full text, you will first be sent to the Mid Sweden University login page where you log in as usual. You will then be taken to the resource you selected in the hit list. Note that when you click in the hit list, a new window or tab opens with the full text link so if it seems nothing happens it may have opened in the background.

Access issues
Employees who use VPN when working from home should generally access the same things as in the office. But sometimes there are problems accessing certain articles or resources with VPN. Then a solution could be to disconnect VPN and search the article via Primo or click through to the database in the database list as described above. You do not need VPN to access our digital resources, provided you go through the library website.

Sometimes your browser may have saved information from a previous database session. If the provider has changed something in access to their resource since then, such as the link address, it may cause you problems to access it again with the old information saved. Then you can either clear your browser's cache and cookies or try another browser.

If none of the above helps and you are still experiencing access problems, we may need to contact the provider for troubleshooting. Please use our web form to notify us.