No international exchange students in cooperation agreements autumn term 2020

Mon 18 May 2020 10:41

Today, it was decided that Mid Sweden University will not accept any international students from partner universities in cooperation agreements during the autumn term of 2020.

Mid Sweden University believes that the risk is considerable that a significant proportion of these outgoing and entering students will not be able to carry out their exchange studies during the fall. This is partly due to decisions and restrictions that govern the opportunity for the student to participate in exchange, but also great uncertainty about the security situation and what we will be able to offer the students for the autumn based on our cooperation agreements. We also see a high risk of costly consequences for specific individuals, both academically and financially, as there is a long-term outlook in student’s planning.

Students from Mid Sweden University, who are planning to study abroad in cooperation agreements for the autumn term 2020, have received a favourable administrative decision at present which cannot be revoked. These students have been informed of the risks and possible consequences of the exchange.

There are about 100 entering and 50 outgoing students affected by the decision. The decision does not include international program students outside cooperation agreements.

The students and partners concerned are informed.

Read the decision here (in swedish).

The page was updated 5/18/2020