Secure login to your user account

Thu 07 May 08:21

The Division of Infrastructure (INFRA) will gradually introduce Multifactor Authentication, MFA. You will receive an email with more information when it is time for you to start using MFA.

Webb säkerhet

Multifactor authentication is a method of access control, which is based on the user having to authenticate in two or more ways to log in.

During the spring, a number of takeovers of employees' user accounts were carried out. This means that unauthorized persons have come across employees' passwords and managed to log in with them. This has usually been done through e-mail phishing and the main purpose is usually to look for bank details and send e-mail from the account to attract more to this phishing.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now being introduced at Mid Sweden University to prevent this. This means that if someone outside the campus (including yourself) is trying to reach a function at Miun that requires your password to be entered, a notification in your phone occurs and you must accept that login is ok.

You will receive an email with futher instructions when it is time for you to start using MFA.