Comprehensive preparations on campus for the fall

Fri 26 Jun 2020 10:11

In order for Mid Sweden University to conduct a safe corona adapted campus education during the fall, comprehensive preparations on campus are underway and will be finished at the start of the semester.

Undervisning, sportteknologi och maskiningenjör

– The Division of Infrastructure, INFRA, are looking at the conditions on campus and will be responsible for much of the practical work when it comes to adapting the premises based on current recommendations, says Helena Wallskog, Head of the Division of Infrastructure, INFRA.

Planning and implementation are carried out by the coordination group for corona adapted campus education.

Below are some examples of how we are preparing for a safe campus environment:

  • In lecture halls about 50 percent of all the seats will be removed. Only a third of seats in auditoriums will be available. Computer labs will also have less seats.
  • Hand sanitizer and keyboard cleaning will be available in the computer labs. There will also be extended cleaning with daily cleaning of the keyboards.
  • Common areas will not be refurnished but signs will urge people to stay safe and keep their distance.
  • The Service centre is looking at ways to keep visitors distanced from each other. Signs, bands and distance markings will guide the visitors.
  • The stations for creating Miun cards have been moved to more spacious premises. Service centre is looking at how the card delivery can be carried out without too much queuing.
  • Mid Sweden University does not run the restaurants on campus, but INFRA has a close dialogue with them to follow up on compliance with the recommendations of the Public Health Authority.
  • A concept for information and signage with the message of showing consideration and keeping distance is being developed in collaboration between the coordination group, INFRA and the Division of Communications. The concept will be used on signs, posters, digital message boards etc.

– Great responsibility will be required from those studying and working on campus this fall. The preparations that are currently underway will create as good conditions as possible for each individual to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority, concludes Helena.

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