Here you will find information about support, service, orders and opening hours in the summer as well as a reminder of absence reference.

Need help this summer?

Absence Note

Remember to add an absence reference in your phone, Skype, Touchpoint and Outlook, with information when you are back. This is good information for your colleagues and students who want to get in touch with you as well as for the Service Centre staff.

Computer rooms

During the summer, the following computer rooms will be open on campus:

  • G 2359 Campus Östersund
  • L 109 Campus Sundsvall

All other computer rooms are closed during the period June 16 – August 30.

Order computer equipment

To you as a manager at Mid Sweden University: Due to Covid-19, there are currently long delivery times on computer equipment and accessories. Therefore, be sure to order equipment for new employees as early as possible.