A whistleblower function for reporting corruption and other serious irregularities in the business has been posted on miun.se. The function is aimed at both the University's staff and other persons who make observations that indicate maladministration.


The purpose of the function is to facilitate the reporting of maladministration that the University would otherwise not have been aware of, that is, things that concern the University's vital interests or the life and health of individuals. You who register can choose to do it in different ways. If necessary, you can also choose to do so anonymously.

The whistleblower function is staffed by the Chief Counsel and the Head of Internal Audit who reports to the Principal, or in cases where it is deemed inappropriate to report to the Principal, to the Chairman of the University Board.

Applications for the whistleblower function shall apply to observations linked to persons in the University's management, persons who have the right to make decisions about or manage the authority's funds, as well as other key persons in the organization.

Read more about what applies in a notification, what it should contain, how you do it and get information about the procedure for an investigation.

You can also easily reach the whistle blower page by clicking on "Crisis and security" which is at the bottom of the footer on all pages on miun.se.