Adjustments this fall due to corona

Wed 09 Sep 2020 16:16

Many adjustments are made at Mid Sweden University this fall to enable our business to be conducted in the best possible way without unnecessary risks due to the corona virus.

Campus Östersund fasad hus

Intensive work has been carried out throughout Mid Sweden University since last spring to adapt to the circumstances caused by the corona virus. The autumn term begins with corona-adapted teaching on campus, mainly for students who need to complete elements on campus for educational progression, as well as for first-year students.

The premises have been adapted
The Department of Infrastructure has adapted the premises on campus, among other things, by having classrooms and group rooms refurnished, or marked with tape, to make it easier for students to keep their distance from each other. Information about corona / covid-19 has been set up in common areas on our campuses through posters, rollups and table speakers. Hand sanitiser has been set up in larger entrances and cleaning wipes are available for cleaning headsets in the classrooms. Keyboards and mice in common computer rooms are cleaned daily.

Written exams on campus this autumn
In general, exams should be conducted digitally, but exeptions can be made if decided by the head of department.  Dialogue is taken by the schedule function / exam function with each teacher who currently has an unprioritised written exam scheduled.

Frequently asked questions and answers are updated
On the corona page on the web, there are many questions and answers concerning the autumn for you as an employee.

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