Action plan for internationalisation – referral of draft

There is now a draft for an action plan for internationalization for Mid Sweden University. The draft will be processed in a referral round for feedback and discussion from September 1st until October 26th.

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During the spring and summer a task force consisting of Anna Lindahl (FUS), Sandra Wall-Reinius (HUV), Claes Mattsson (NMT), Kicki Strandh (KOM) and representatives of the students unions have developed a draft for an action plan for internationalisation. 

Feedback on the referral can be handed in by individuals or groups of staff, there are no limitations. For those who want to know more or have questions about the draft there will be an information session on September 16th and a workshop on October 13th, both via zoom and, if needed, in English. These are open to all staff at the university.

The draft is only available in Swedish. The final version of the action plan will be translated into English. The background material on which the action plan is based is available in English and can be found on Teams in the open group “Miun Internationalisation” under the channel “Handlingsplan Internationalisering/Action Plan Internationalisation”.

The referral round ends October 26th at 12.00. For feedback and questions, please contact

Action plan for internationalisation (in Swedish)