Exams this autumn during the pandemic

Only one of the written exams, prioritized by a head of department, has been postponed. Written exams that were not prioritized by a head of department have been converted to digital exams and the impact on the students is considered very small.


Written exams should generally be replaced by an examination form that does not require physical location. In cases where there is a need for a written examination on campus, the respective head of department can decide on exceptions.

In recent weeks, The Division of Study Administration (STUA) has reviewed all documents received regarding examinations, to ensure that we can carry out the prioritized written exams in accordance with the authorities' recommendations.

–We are now finished with the planning until the end of week 45. There is one written examination that will be moved one day ahead, says Mariana Strand, exam coordinator.

Affected teachers are informed and STUA assesses that the consequences for students will be very small and in most cases not even noticeable.

–In most cases, we have received a quick response from the teachers and it has helped us make this change with very good foresight, says Mariana Strand.