If employees or students are infected with covid-19

Tue 22 Sep 2020 16:20

We recommend employees to notify their immediate manager if they have tested positive for covid-19. Mid Sweden University has a dialogue with an infection control specialist about contact tracing and necessary measures if the virus should spread within groups at the university.

Corona covid-19

Students and staff are once again encouraged to follow the recommendations and to take a test if they suspect they are infected. Employees are encouraged to contact their immediate manager and students are encouraged to contact their teacher if the test result is positive, i.e. they are infected. 

  • stay home if you are sick - even if the symptoms are mild
  • if you are sick - contact 1177.se to get tested
  • keep your distance from other people - avoid crowds
  • continue to wash your hands thoroughly and use hand sanitiser

For us at Mid Sweden University, this also means:

  • minimize travel if possible
  • work from home if you can
  • choose digital meetings over physical ones whenever possible
  • respect the distance markings - and leave them in place!
  • respect the corona adapted furnishing - and do not change anything!
  • if you have been tested for covid-19 - stay at home while you wait for the test result

In the FAQ section, you can read more about how Mid Sweden University handles the spread of infection.

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