Make sure that your postal address in Primula is correct!

If you have a Mid Sweden University business mobile, a new SIM card will be sent to your postal address in the mid-September. Therefore, you need to ensure that your registered postal address in the Primula self-reporting system is correct by 7 September.

When Mid Sweden University changes to a new mobile phone provider at the end of September, all employees must change their mobile SIM cards, otherwise you will not be able to make or receive calls on your mobile phone. The new SIM card will be sent to your postal address and the addresses will be collected from Primula. Therefore, you need to check your postal address.

The easiest way to log into Primula is via the tool bar at after you have logged in. Then select “My page" and go to "Personal data", where you can check and update your postal address.

If you are currently abroad, or staying at a temporary address, during the period September – October, please contact Peter Eriksson or Elisabeth Gradin, to have your SIM card sent to that address. You can also enter this address in Primula yourself no later than the 7 September.

Use your current mobile SIM card until 30 September and make sure you change your mobile SIM cards on 1 October!

More details about the change of mobile SIM cards will soon be published at