This means that Skype will stop working in late October. You will no longer be able to call, chat or have appointments via Skype. From October 29, Tele2 is the university's provider of telephony, and Skype will be completely replaced by Teams.

Many employees already use Teams. At present, about 850 employees are connected.

Access to Teams

To become connected, you need to participate in a short training via one of the champions within the organizational part of the university to which you belong. 
The Teams software is available through the Windows Computer Software Center and through Mac Computer Self-Service. Software Center is most easily accessed via the "MIUN-Support" folder on your desktop.


  • To rebook any Skype meetings you have created and turn them into Teams meetings instead
  • That you will not be able to use Skype as a backup when other meeting services are in trouble, and that you need to update information that you may have created about this.

More information

Information about Office 365 and Teams 
Previous employee information about telephony in Teams 


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