Fri 01 Oct 11:01

Use the wellness hours, take a lunch walk with colleagues you haven't met for a long time, have a coffee together. It is HR specialist Jenny Gärdlund’s tips for those who may think that the gradual return to the office takes energy.

Porträttbild på Jenny Gärdlund

Slowly but safe returning to Campus and the office can mean some reflections. Is it okay to have a cosy dress in the office as well? If the jeans don't fit anymore, what do you do? The chair that was left in the office at the beginning of the pandemic is apparently gone. And where’s the speaker puck? The HR department receives many questions from employees right now.

— The most common question is, of course, the question of how to return. If we want to work from home after the turn of the year, how do we do then, and we have a distance contract. These are the most common questions, says Jenny Gärdlund.

How we will gradually get back to Campus from September 29 until the end of the year is documented on the employee pages and can otherwise be answered by the nearest manager. The answer to the question of a distance contract is clear and clear, there is no such thing. I'm still here.

— Discussions on a distance contract have started with unions, this is a trade union issue. Just because the discussion is opened, it is not certain that it will be an agreement, but it has begun anyway.

If it feels hard to be back in the office again so Jenny Gärdlund advises to use the wellness hour and the wellness allowance.

— Drink coffee together, it gives a lot. Or take the opportunity to take a walk at lunch with some colleagues that you haven't met in a long time.

When it comes to upholstery, it is up to each individual employee to choose the appropriate wardrobe.