"All my references are about Babblarna"

Tue 12 Oct 15:46

Marlene Berg, Communicator and Deputy Head of Communication, has both been on maternity leave and worked at home during the pandemic. Now that she’s back, she’s mostly rejoicing at seeing adults again.

Bild på en tjej med ljust hår som håller i ett barn

Taking parental leave during a pandemic has been special, says Marlene Berg. She went from a time-pressed crisis work with the coronavirus to being home caring for the new baby and the other two children.

— The best thing about getting back to work is to meet adults again. I've only been talking baby language for quite a long time because everything has been closed. All my references are about Babblarna and other children’s programs, it feels like, she says.

Oh, so you've been longing for an adult perspective on life. But is there anything that you find difficult to start sitting in the office again?

— Well, it’s the thing that you have to keep up refuling the car and scrape car windows. I guess I've gotten wrong with my engine heater, too.

Cars, yes, they can be difficult to deal with. Can you tell me anything more about your relationship with the car?

— The thing is, I don't have a problem commuting to work. Those 20 minutes it takes to go home is my recovery, and then I sing loud at high volume. It allows me to land before I get home and I get back on the family shift.

Got it. If we return to your child program references, is there anything other than the language that has changed in your life during the pandemic?

— We bought a cat. His name is Alex Hermansson, named after a presenter at Barnkanalen.