Clarification related to the pandemic

Tue 30 Nov 2021 14:05

The changing COVID situation creates many new reflections and questions. Here you find a clarification of what applies to us at Mid Sweden University.

As the pandemic grows in spread and new mutations occur, questions about what applies and how we should relate to each other are also increasing. For Mid Sweden University applies:

• We have no right to demand or ask whether employees or students are vaccinated or to differentiate between vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

• We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency and the restrictions currently in place. At present, this means having you tested if you are ill, whether you are vaccinated or not, and staying at home if you have someone in your household who is ill. Read more about these recommendations here. We also urge, in accordance with the Public Health Agency, to take care of your hand hygiene and keep distance.

• Personal responsibility applies when it comes to following the advice and recommendations of the responsible authorities.

• Our activities continues as planned. This means that teaching during study period 2 continues according to the Vice-Chancellor’s decision on September 21, as well as the gradual return to the workplace among employees.

The page was updated 11/30/2021