“It’s great to have coffee with someone”

Tue 19 Oct 13:42

Kristina Söderlund has worked at Mid Sweden University for about two months. She is educated in behavioural science and public health science and now works as a Health Strategist at Studenthälsan. She previously worked at We & Sports.

Porträttbild på Kristina Söderlund

How does it feel to be in place at Campus?

— I've been here since I started, two months ago. It has been very unfortunate to start a new job without having colleagues in place.

So how do you feel now that they're coming back?

— It’s great to have coffee with someone. The social part is very important at work so it feels fun to meet some. At my last job, I was in the office even during the pandemic, so I'm not used to work from home. But I hope in the future that there will be some flexibility to be able to work from home sometimes.