No new restrictions on the university’s activities

Mon 29 Nov 2021 10:33

The spread of COVID-19 has recently increased across Europe and to some extent also in Sweden. However, mid Sweden University is not affected at present, therefore campus education and other activities continue according to previous Vice-Chancellor’s decisions.

In our part of the country it is above all Jämtland who has so far been marked by an increased spread of infection. However, the dissemination is not such that the Public Health Agency has issued any new restrictions that affect the university’s activities.

This means that teaching during period 2 continues as planned, according to the Vice-Chancellor’s decision of September 21, as well as the gradual return to the workplace among the employees. However, we all need to be extra careful in order to prevent the spread of infection. From now on, the Public Health Agency therefore wants everyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 to stay at home and be tested. The recommendation applies to both non-vaccinated and vaccinated persons. If a person has confirmed COVID-19, those living in the same household must stay at home for seven days. This applies even if you are vaccinated.

At present there are no plans to return to distance learning, but this may change depending on the evolution of the disease situation. “We continuously follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s reports and recommendations so we can quickly change when these cover Mid Sweden University’s activities,” says Eva Dannetun, Vice-Chancellor and Coordinator for Mid Sweden University’s coronavirus information.

Remember that
• stay at home if you or someone in your household is ill
• test for symptoms
• wash your hands
• keep distance.

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