"Now I've dusted off the job wardrobe"

Sun 03 Oct 17:19

Well, sitting at home and working isn't something Mikael Reberg wants to do in the long run. Not least considering how it affects the waist measure. He’s already back on campus almost full-time.

Bild tagen utomhus på Mikael Reberg
Mikael Reberg, pedagogical developer at the library

Mikael Reberg was probably among the first to appear on campus as soon as the announcement of return came. Because he has missed the morning walks and spontaneous meetings with colleagues, he says.

— Now, basically, I'm back on campus to the full. I like to go to and from work, it’s my exercise in everyday life, and besides, I think it’s good to get that set time between work and leisure. So it feels good. And even better it feels to finally be able to meet people spontaneously in the hall again, there will be some social training, he says and laughs.

How’s the dress? Has it changed during homework?
— Oh yes! I‘ve been wearing pants even at home, but they’ve been of a different kind than the ones I have at work. Now I've had to dust off the job wardrobe.

But, what about the waist measure — still fits the clothes?
— Hm, as an effect of my deteriorating condition, I have to admit that the tight strap has become a little too small, and that I need bigger pants.

In addition to the importance of daily exercise — have you learned anything new during the pandemic?
— Yes, absolutely. I think we have all learned more about the online meeting tools in a variety of contexts. I've been in a lot of strange meeting solutions, and it works. Most things can be solved online.