Return to campus during reading period 2

Thu 04 Nov 2021 08:47

On the last August, a principal decision was made on possible return to campus education during study period 2, if the pandemic situation allowed. The easing of the restrictions introduced in the autumn made it possible to implement the decision.


Switching to campus studies in the middle of a semester may create a different key, both for teachers and for students.

”We really understand that this is a concern. We have received signals from both those who want to return to campus and those who have a challenge with accommodation, so there are different sides of the coin,” says Eva Dannetun, Vice-Chancellor and Coordinator of the Coronavirus Group.

To facilitate the return, the possibility to choose campus- or pandemic-adapted teaching autumn semester was therefore extended. Several programs have selected the custom option. Programme managers, together with the head of department, have found a solution for each individual program.

“From the spring semester, all courses will be given again on the basis of the current syllabus, i.e. that campus courses are given on campus and distance education is given remotely, provided of course that the development of the pandemic continues to go in the right direction,” says Eva Dannetun.

To those of you who are now coming back — warm welcome! Remember that the advice on staying at home when you are ill, washing your hands often and avoiding congestion still applies.

The page was updated 11/4/2021